Initiative application

We're always looking for new additions

About the vacancy

What you bring to the job

  • You like to build towards something great with your colleagues
  • An overall learning and open-minded spirit
  • You have an interest in (online) marketing or software development
  • You speak (and write) English or Dutch on a professional level

What we can offer you

  • A salary fitting to your experience and knowledge within Bookerz
  • 208 hours of leave (with a 40-hour working week)
  • The possibility to work part-time
  • A great place to work - but really!       
  • A company laptop
  • A company public transport card for business trips

What are you going to do?

Well, that's just part of the mystery!
At Bookerz we've got loads of opportunities. Together with you, we would like to explore what your strengths are (or what you want to get better at) and in which role you can also add value to Bookerz. You have a lot of leeway in the division of tasks and scheduling of your own work(day), just like the rest of your colleagues.
We work with the SCRUM methodology. As a result, you have contact with professionals (read: your colleagues) in other disciplines. This also gives you insight into what is happening throughout the company. We think that's important, because together we can grow! 🧡

Bookerz 🧡 clear communication

At Bookerz we like to have "korte lijntjes" (Dutch for: clear and quick communication). That is why we prefer to put you in touch with your direct colleagues as soon as possible during the application procedure and we are happy to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes at Bookerz. Especially because you want to quickly get a good picture of your new employer. Do you want to know what that would look like? Just click through the timeline below to learn more about the application procedure.
Your application
Interview: introduction
Interview: subject-specific
The offer

Where the magic starts...

We've received your application via e-mail. We do our best to respond within a few days, but you will receive a response from us within two weeks at the latest. Usually we try to call you, so we both have to option to get bit acquainted already. If we both feel there is a (possible) match, we will schedule a meeting.

Pleased to meet you!

We prefer to schedule this meeting as soon as possible after the telephone conversation. During the introduction you will hear more about what Bookerz stands for and what adventures are yet to come. Is the feeling still good then? Then we are happy to continue!

Your very own showcase

During this step you can show what kind of person you are and what you can do. We use assessments for this. We have two components within Bookerz; a personality test and a subject-specific assessment. Another plus: during that second assessment you immediately get a look behind the scenes at Bookerz! Performing the assessment takes on average half a day and you can make them from home.

Leave this to the professionals!

You have completed the assessments and now it is time to show your future colleagues what you already know about our business. You sit down with at least one of your future direct colleagues, who has looked at your assessment extensively beforehand. Based on what you've already made, you can have a nice conversation about the content. A great moment for the first inside jokes as well.
After this conversation we always think for a while. Hiring a new colleague is a very special occasion, so if we make you an offer, we are happy to do it without hesitation.

Hiya colleague!

At least, from now on we're going to assume that you're one of us. We have made you an offer with an overall package of all our employment conditions. Do you agree? Then we'll schedule a formal moment to sign your contract and we'll pick a day for first day at Bookerz.
We're excited, welcome to the team! 🎉

Working at Bookerz is a team effort

Do you have the talent which empowers our team even more? Don't let your résumé gather dust, but send it to us! Don't forget to tell us why the decision to hire you will be the best decision we're going to make - ever. 

Mail to or send a message (via whatsapp) to Elle: +31(0)6 30 765 053.

Do you want to know more about applying for a position within Bookerz? Feel free to contact us at +31(0)6 30 765 053 or +31(0)486 700 270 and ask for Elle.

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